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Intrinsic Coach®
Series I

Theoretically sound, interactive, and focused on application, learning is developmental and based on the I>E>S hierarchy of the Intrinsic Coaching® methodology. With applications as varied as people and people’s experiences in moments and in life, participants report gaining surprising and satisfying personal benefits and professional results.

The Intrinsic Coach® Series I can be applied toward the CERTIFIED INTRINSIC COACH® certification. If you want the certification, it is more economical to enroll for the certification directly and take advantage of the payment plan option.

Intrinsic Coach® Series I
via teleconference
new series start each month
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24 CE Hours
No prerequisites
Make-up options for missed sessions
payment plans: 2 & 3 months

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Attend via live teleconference with online audio available for up to three missed sessions. The twelve sessions meet weekly for two consecutive hours. In the event of a holiday, sessions resume the following week, extending the time frame to complete your training.

To schedule cohorts not seen here, e.g., Leadership, Healthcare Leadership & Practice, Sports, or K-12 Education, email or call Gail Johnston, 480-515-5220 (press #2).

Intrinsic Coach® Series I - Health & Wellness
  • Sep 5, 2018 - Nov 21, 2018, Wednesdays, 11 AM - 1 PM Eastern
  • Sep 10, 2018 - Nov 26, 2018, Mondays, 7 PM - 9 PM Eastern
  • Oct 15, 2018 - Jan 14, 2019, Mondays, 11 AM - 1 PM Eastern
  • Nov 28, 2018 - Feb 20, 2019, Wednesdays, 11 AM - 1 PM Eastern

Intrinsic Coach® Series I - Leadership
  • Oct 15, 2018 - Aug 29, 2018, Mondays, 11 AM - 1 PM Eastern

Series meet 12 times; holidays extend the number of weeks it takes to complete the series.

FORMAT. Participation is via teleconference (not toll-free). Sessions meet for two consecutive hours, once a week, for 12 weeks. Group size is limited to 24.

ATTENDANCE. If you miss a session, you can listen to an audio file of your missed session. In person attendance at 9 of the 12 consecutive sessions for each 12-week Series is required for completion.

CONTINUING EDUCATION. CE fee for most credentials is $25. You will have an opportunity to purchase CE online after completing your enrollment. Should your governing board require 100% live attendance to earn CE hours, an alternative in person session can be arranged. View CE

TIME ZONES. All times are listed as the current EASTERN time (whether EST or EDT). Arizona residents and others who do not observe daylight savings: your local class time will change by one hour with each beginning and end of daylight savings time.

HOLIDAYS. Holidays extend the number of weeks it takes to complete a course. Classes do not meet on the following holidays: January 1, after 4 PM Eastern on Feb. 14, Memorial Day (USA), the July 4th Holiday (USA), Labor Day (USA), Thanksgiving Day (USA), Thanksgiving Friday (USA), December 24, 25, 26, & after 4 PM Eastern on Dec. 31. Saturday sessions do not meet on three-day holiday weekends.

DISCLOSURES. (1) There is no commercial support being received for this activity. (2) There is no use of off label products. (3) All Certified Intrinsic Coach® Mentors (CICM) receive a financial stipend for their services.

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The Intrinsic Coach® Series I is a highly interactive series that will enable you to engage people as a coach, integrate coaching skills into your daily interactions at work, and also bring the benefits of what you will learn beyond work, extending the benefits even into your daily life with others and when thinking about yourself. With an emphasis on eliciting intrinsic thinking, the skills learned in the Intrinsic Coach® Series I will give you an effective alternative to trying even harder to motivate or get things done with people.

You will learn what intrinsic, extrinsic, and systemic valuing is and how these three types of valuing inform and influence our choices when supporting people as a professional and also in our day to day choices. The end goal of this course is to be able to actualize and apply the I>E>S hierarchy of the Intrinsic Coaching® methodology when working and interacting with people and also when thinking about yourself.

The Intrinsic Coach® Series I can stand alone in value and can also be applied toward the Certified Intrinsic Coach (CIC).

  • You will learn with a group of your peers via a two hour, interactive teleconference.

  • During the two hour session, you can expect to 1) discuss applications, including successes and challenges of the prior week, 2) discuss concepts and content, including new goals for the upcoming week, and 3) participate in live application of coaching and new skills, including opportunities to be coached.

  • Throughout the 12-weeks, you will engage in a continuous process of learning and integrating new learning with your everyday experiences at work and at home, developing both professional and personal skills and benefits, one step at a time with each step informing the next, building action in a way that instructional information alone is challenged in providing.

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Professionals take this Intrinsic Coach® Development Series to get awareness of, skills for, and knowledge about the intrinsic dimension of people and the hierarchy of the Intrinsic Coaching methodology, I>E>S, to benefit themselves and the people they serve as coaches, counselors, therapists, providers, consultants, program designers, as managers, supervisors, or leaders, and also to get 24 CE.

If you take this course and then want more, you can apply the hours toward the Certified Intrinsic Coach® (CIC) certification to increase your skill base, application, and confidence and add to your name a credential that is recognized and trusted in the workplace, especially in healthcare and the health & wellness industry among both providers and leaders. Certified Intrinsic Coach® professionals also use their certification and skills to differentiate themselves in their independent practices, especially in coaching, counseling, consulting, and therapy.

The Certified Intrinsic Coach® (CIC) certification is CCE-Approved to be applied toward the prestigious Board Certified Coach certification.

You can also apply this training toward the Certified Valuations Specialist certification, which is also CCE-Approved.

I’m really understanding and wanting to be an advocate for people’s best thinking and also be an advocate for my son and his best thinking. I now have a way to talk with people so they can see more of themselves and more of the people around them and who they serve, and think better about themselves and other people, including my son. I’m really wanting a way to bring this to more physicians so they can really see the person and not just a ‘patient’. Throughout these 12 weeks, I've also been asking myself what I'm wanting and have been gaining clarity along the way. As a result, things make more sense for me now, and I'm experiencing full aliveness in my life. - a licensed clinical social worker using her new skills to benefit her son, her son's specialists, herself, and her clients


I have always thought of myself as a good listener and I found in using the Intrinsic Coaching® methodology that I really wasn’t as good a listener as I thought I was. I’m realizing now that I have become a better, more engaged listener. I listen with a spirit of service. With Intrinsic Coaching® I don’t feel pressure to share information the way I might have done before and I can allow the pauses in conversations to be just that because I recognize work is happening. I find that the thinking continues outside the conversation and I find that very elating. With Intrinsic Coaching®, I’m learning that it’s not enough to have an ear and be quiet, but really to be conscious in the listening and allow your questions to come from that place. I want to take an Intrinsic Coaching® approach with everybody and do it well, so that each person that I’m coaching or at least having a conversation with will get the benefit out of the conversation by allowing them to really develop their own thinking. - Annette E Cunningham

With a highly skilled coach mentor, interactive classes, meeting two hours a week over 12 weeks, a 300 plus page manual to read and enjoy in between the live sessions, and a progressive approach to skill development - one step at a time, with each step informing the next - the Intrinsic Coach® Series I builds up and then builds on awareness of, skills for, and knowledge about intrinsic thinking, which is central to a good life and good results for, with, and through people, and for you. While most people, sooner or later, apply this training to the Certified Intrinsic Coach® certification, this first course also stands alone to provide skills that are both personally and universally important.

The Intrinsic Coach® Series I provides benefits and skills that are personally, professionally, and universally important and unique to each human being.
I have found the missing tool I have searched for in working with others. I have found comfort in making the choice. I know now how to be in the “uncomfortable in the unknown” and see it more as a mantra. I want to see the uniqueness in everyone and the infinite potential that exist in the intrinsic. I want for others to re-establish faith in themselves so they can navigate their life’s wants and desires.
I have been given a gift in learning Intrinsic Coaching®, a gift that I can share with myself and the people I encounter. Intrinsic Coaching® really values people for who they are and is a way for people to find their best thinking and make changes that are important to them. Intrinsic Coaching® feels like the right thing to do, a feeling I haven’t had in my conversations before. With all that I’ve learned, I feel like I’ve been given hope and a meaningful purpose. It’s pretty awesome.
I’m taking with me a heightened awareness of the intrinsic that I didn’t have before. It’s an awareness that guides me in my interactions. I’m finding myself self-managing more and allowing space for people to talk and think and am not interjecting myself into the conversation because I value what is happening for them.
I’m taking with me the ability to turn down my inner dialogue and stop trying to think for people. I’ve watched myself develop into a better listener. I notice when I want to tell people what to do, I now pause and ask for that person’s thinking instead, which makes for a much better conversation. Because of what I’ve learned with the Intrinsic Coaching® methodology, I’m doing a lot less work, too!
In learning the Intrinsic Coaching® methodology, the pressure is gone! It’s not about what we know as professionals and providing people with the missing link - the missing link is actually Intrinsic Coaching®, a way of supporting people to find their thinking about themselves and their lives. It’s been a shift in thinking for me and has brought me a lot of ‘ah-ha’ moments over the course of the 12 weeks.
I’m really excited about having learned Intrinsic Coaching®! I have a different and better way of interacting with others. It’s given me a new way to think, allowed me to grow as an individual, and provided me a way of instilling this in someone else. It’s like planting a seed. You learn it, you share it and it spreads to others!
I really appreciate and value the learning that’s taken place over the twelve weeks. Using what I’ve learned from the Intrinsic Coach® Series has helped me get through a very trying period of my life and I’ve experienced such personal growth as a result of that. On a professional level it’s made my coaching sessions much more effective because I can build upon a person’s best thinking instead of my own. I’ve experienced the benefits of Intrinsic Coaching® both professionally and personally and want to continue to integrate it on a daily basis.
I’ve learned to be aware of the uniqueness of people and the uniqueness of moments. We all have the ability to live the life we want and with Intrinsic Coaching® I have the skills to support people with that.
I have learned a logic that will help me help my clients and myself think in a better way about ourselves and other people. It simplifies things, and get to what’s important for a unique human being. Intrinsic thinking brings a lot of clarity and doesn’t complicate things.
I have learned the inherent value of the internal processes of people’s behavior change. We overlook that when we are the expert/professional. Now I see people in a different light and know that their value is more than anything I can imagine. People are the experts on themselves and they have inherent value and worth. Life works better when we see these things.
The Intrinsic Coaching® methodology is simple, yet profound at the same time. As a result of learning the Intrinsic Coaching® methodology, I have a new way of viewing the world and the people in the world. Making the choice to view people as more capable, creative and complete than anything I can know about feels good, is empowering, and positively impacts everyone involved, including myself. People notice it, too. Making the choice changes a lot for me.
This way of thinking has opened up so much! In learning Intrinsic Coaching® I appreciate the time for the development and unfolding of someone’s thinking. It’s improved the quality of my listening. I’m more curious now. Also, I’ve always wanted to be someone who can invite people to be their authentic selves. The Intrinsic Coaching® methodology is a way of serving that goal in a much simpler way.
I>E>S brings about a freedom! I have new freedom in my thinking, in my choices, in my life! I’m learning that it’s okay to be exactly where I am because where I am is valuable. I’m valuing people, myself included, as unique and each moment as unique.
What I want for myself is to keep the Intrinsic Coaching® methodology in the forefront as a way to really appreciate where my coachees are coming from, and to really use this as a way to interact with people. When we focus on our own success and our own thinking, it’s hard to focus on our coachees and others. I want to appreciate that they have a whole scenario and thinking about themselves and their life that I don’t know about. There is a whole world beyond what I’m seeing and to remember the "not merely apparent."
What I’m wanting for people is for everyone to learn about skills like capable, creative and complete, and learn the Intrinsic Coaching® methodology. It would make our world better. It would allow people to converse better with each other and would elicit best thinking. People would ask, “Help me to get clear on my thoughts” versus “Tell me what to do.”
What I’m wanting for people all around me is to be able to serve themselves better in their thinking and make changes in their health and in their life that they are wanting. I’m wanting them to experience their potential and the results that come from finding their best thinking. I think that’s where true change comes - it comes from them and their thinking instead of me telling them what to do.
I want for people an awareness of the goal attainment power in each of them, the ability to ask questions that engage their best thinking, and to be able to access and harness the power that is unleashed with the intrinsic. I want people to embrace the idea that there isn’t failure in anything tried, only learning, and to use those learnings moving forward to behavior changes. People are so self-critical with perfectionism. The biggest barriers are themselves. To impart this would be good for all. Intrinsic Coaching® removes the barrier.
I want to continue to grow and use Intrinsic Coaching® and this way of thinking with clients, family, friends and myself as a way of thinking, goal setting and planning. I want to allow the skills to become part of me.
I am taking with me the importance of choosing to regard people as more capable, creative and complete than I can know and the knowledge that people have the potential and grow and change throughout their lifetime. As a result of learning the Intrinsic Coaching® methodology, I have a different expectation of conversations. In the past, if people asked me for help, I was expecting to fix or give a solution. Now this has changed. Now I’m expecting to serve them through the intrinsic to find their own answers.
I have a new perspective and thinking about coaching and how effective it can be to coach someone with this knowledge. I have the ability to elicit best thinking for the goal and a healthy balance between I, E and S thinking to effectively reach the goal.
Intrinsic Coaching® works no matter where you use it. It’s universal and that’s what I like about it.

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I have an awareness of myself and of the people around me that I didn't have before.  Specifically, awareness of the intrinsic. I can choose, now, to see more than what is merely apparent in a person.  As such, I know now that my role in helping people is not to direct people or order them to do what I want them to do, but to help them find their own capabilities and best answers for themselves.  I know I will continue to have this awareness, because what I have learned in this series are ways to self-manage my thinking so that I let this awareness take over my thinking.  I have the knowledge that it is easy to see my own idea of a person rather than the person in front of me, and I know now how to continue to strive to overcome this tendency.  Beyond this new knowledge and awareness, I have tools that I continue to use to reflect on myself and that I use to help the people I serve to become more in tune with themselves and more free to show themselves to me so that we can grow together.

The Intrinsic Coach® Series has given me a way to use a powerful kind of logic when working with people. I feel as though this Series has given me an understanding that will make me a better person in all of my interactions with people.  The appreciation for the uniqueness of people is at the heart of valuing people, and valuing people helps empower people.  Knowing that I am unique helps me value myself as well.  And above all, knowing that I have the ability to pursue a mission of helping people become more fully realized individuals gives me peace of mind.  I want my efforts to make the world a better place, and this Series has helped give me tools and a way of thinking that will help me pursue that goal for the rest of my life.

Kedibonye Carpenter,
MPH-CHE, Family Engagement Coordinator, Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist

A big part for me is self-management and to not focus on what is merely apparent. Even though I already knew there was more, I couldn’t get to it because I would get so caught up in my own thinking and what I had to do and I didn't know what else to do.. Now my focus is on my skills and my self-management that allows me to practice those skills and let the person's thinking unfold.


I really cannot thank you enough. Learning the Intrinsic Coaching® methodology truly has changed my perspective of people and the world. The way that I communicate with people is more healthy and effective. I feel like I truly see and understand people in a way that most do not. This shift affects every part of my life and my business. The way I teach and the programs we create are all influenced by the principles and methodology of Intrinsic Coaching®. - Charity N. Butler


In the process of keeping up with CEUs, there are only a few classes I take that facilitate a real paradigm shift in how I shape my practice. The Intrinsic Coach® Series not only reinforced my belief that we have within ourselves wisdom and resources for change, it has also given me more effective tools for listening and offering questions to my clients (and myself) that open up more insightful thinking. Additionally, the principles learned in the Series give me a better sense of how to proceed in all my work and that is a result I didn't expect. - Joanne Checci


Learning the Intrinsic Coaching® methodology has changed the way I think. I came into this wanting to make my coaching better and came out with more and something very different from what I expected. Not only do I have a way of coaching better, but I have a way of thinking better. It's inspiring. It's not about what programs I put into place for coaching. It's about eliciting an individual's best thinking. The Intrinsic Coaching® methodology and its I>E>S hierarchy has become a part of who I am. I'm excited and inspired to continue moving forward in my coaching and my life with what I've learned. - Toni Best



This series has helped me become "unstuck" both professionally and personally. I am so looking forward to continuing my learning, moving forward with the skills, knowledge and intrinsic thinking. I can tell this is a movement. I am ready to ride the wave and be part of it. - Kim Brobst-Hinkle


I want to continue to use this learning in my own life, professionally and personally, to help myself get clarity and move forward by always checking in with myself to see what it is that I'm wanting and what is important. By doing this I never have to worry about making any wrong decisions or not making any at all for fear of making the wrong one. I have learned amazing tools to help me move my life forward. With all this I am better equipped to be of service to others in a way I never would have been able to before. - Deb Winnette

I>E>S brings about a freedom! I have new freedom in my thinking, in my choices, in my life! I'm learning that it's okay to be exactly where I am because where I am is valuable. I'm valuing people, myself included, as unique and each moment as unique. There is nothing that makes a bigger difference than that. - Mary Zeppieri

Intrinsic Coaching® takes the pressure off of the clinician and lets the client do the problem solving. Dietitians no longer have to wear themselves out trying to suggest strategies. Instead, the client does all the thinking and, really, all the work! It's great, and more effective! I wish I would have known about this years ago! - Kathleen Poore



Self management and making the choice to value the person more than my own thinking about the person has given me opportunities to be of greater service. When I ask a question now, I have to stop and ask myself, "Is this for me or for the expansion of thinking of the person in front of me?" When I do that, the question is more impactful and, even if the person does not have an answer right away, I can see that they are thinking. In the past, I have had conversations that basically stopped because I was more concerned about being the coach than listening to the coachee and staying where they are in the conversation. When I have focused on what I think should be happening, I have not been as supportive. When I suspend me and elevate the coachee, the coachee's thinking develops and expands to a solution or conclusion that is right for them and not my idea of them. When I think of how at the heart of every conflict there are two or more people who want to be heard and valued, then I think that the Intrinsic Coaching® methodology has the potential to change the world. - Sharon Smith

By intentionally viewing people as capable, creative and complete - intentionally making myself open to more than what is merely apparent to me - I find myself able to relax more and let the other person do more of the work. It’s interesting because making this choice enables me to feel more optimistic about people. I feel more optimistic about their abilities to find their own answers. Instead of rushing them, I can give them that space to discover what is important to them because they do have more answers than we know and are giving them credit for. It’s opposite from what I’m used to, but I enjoy it and find it rewarding. With the Intrinsic Coaching® methodology, I can sit back more and let them show me the way. - Beth Ewing

I now have the ability to listen without judgment or expecting anything and, surprisingly, my conversations are so much more productive. I feel like I just let the conversation happen but I know it took me twelve weeks to learn how to do that. It really is a skill. I have been given a gift in learning the Intrinsic Coaching® methodology, a gift that I can share with myself and the people I encounter. Intrinsic Coaching® really values people for who they are, and is a way for people to find their best thinking and make changes that are important to them. Intrinsic Coaching® feels like the right thing to do, a feeling I haven't had in my conversations before. With all that I've learned, I feel like I've been given hope, and a meaningful purpose. It's pretty awesome.

Until I started to understand and practice the Intrinsic Coaching® methodology, I didn't realize how often I provided nutrition expertise without the client telling me what they wanted for themselves. The Intrinsic Coaching® methodology truly enriches the counseling process, creating a positive and rewarding environment for both the dietitian/coach and client/patient. I would highly recommend learning this methodology for my colleagues. - Valerie Butram