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Over Time, Like Life

Certifying professionals since 1998, we believe a certification is a matter of trust because a certification inherently says you can do what the certification represents. It would be easy to provide certifications resulting from weekend seminars or multi-day “intensives,” however research shows that doesn’t work. The challenge to the decision-making consumer, you, is it can seem like it should. The good news here is our certifications are earned over time, which is the only way people learn new skills for people.

Inherently Progressive, Like Life

Most certifications can only be renewed. In the end, you keep getting what you already have. With us, your earned certifications are kept fresh and updated while also advancing to a higher level certification. We do it that way because you are intrinsic and continue to grow, so why wouldn’t your certifications?

Multiple Ways, Like Life

You don’t need to be afraid to get started, fearing you might start down the wrong road and get stuck with it. Life moves and flows, just like one river moves and flows into another. We build our training and certifications in the same way, like life. Whatever way you start, there’s always a way to go where you want to go. Often, the only way you really know your road is to start and find out.

Intrinsic Coaching®. It's all about I>E>S, Like Life.

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