Learning Academy
Educating and certifying professionals since 1998, we believe that what we do is a matter of trust. Because research shows that certifications via video and multi-day intensives don't work, our certifications are earned over time, week by week, via teleconference and interactive webinar. While most certifications can only be renewed, our certifications provide the opportunity to advance from one level to the next. Even our CE Webinars are organized around areas of competency so that, added up, you will discover a new competency that increases what you can do for others, for yourself, and makes you stand out.

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Solutions Academy
Our solutions arise from serving individuals and organizations since 1998 and our recognition that increased capacity for intrinsic valuing of self and others, and the solutions this increased capacity brings about, belong to everyone, not only select professionals. Because human growth and development and better solutions thinking for and with people is a continuing endeavor that provides a continuing return on investment, our Solutions Academy services inherently aim to develop inhouse capacity to continue the solutions we develop together.

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Since 1998, our commitment has been to go the extra mile for our clients by providing opportunities for approved continuing education, undergraduate and graduate college credits, and additional valued credentials and accreditation opportunities such as the BCC and ICHWC.