In a word, it’s math. If you want an intrinsic solution you can count on, it has to contain the mathematics of what is intrinsic. It has to contain correct mathematical thinking about people.

Most solutions approach people’s unpredictability as a nuisance. Intrinsic Solutions encompass people’s unpredictability as a resource. – Christina Marshall


Our philosophical approach is guided by I>E>S, that is, prioritize intrinsic value more than extrinsic value and prioritize extrinsic value more than systemic value, while maintaining the essential value of all three value domains.

I>E>S Applied

Prioritizing intrinsic value enhances a person’s aliveness and unique contribution and is the starting point and continuing framework for what is good for that person and good for people. Anything that interferes with the expression of a person’s intrinsic value interferes with a person’s aliveness and unique contribution and diminishes the value potential that would otherwise be good for that person and good for people.

The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives. – Albert Schweitzer

The Imperative of I>E>S

I>E>S not only tells us how to create good solutions for people, it also tells us how to create peace on earth. To achieve these good solutions for people, awareness of, skill for, and knowledge about intrinsic value and intrinsic valuing (the “I” in I>E>S) is an imperative in that it makes accessible to people the order of priorities that are good for life. That is the intrinsic solution.


Intrinsic Solutions


Since 1998, our core mission has been to increase awareness of, skills for, and knowledge about value, especially intrinsic value, and our value hierarchy, I>E>S, which prioritizes intrinsic valuing without diminishing extrinsic and systemic value. Intrinsic Solutions, International is the advancement and natural progression of Totally Coached, Inc., which has evolved and continues to evolve, including from the expansion in applications of our methodology.

I>E>S represents a structure and hierarchy of value that prioritizes investments according to the domains of greater value and is a blueprint for any endeavor that intends to create what is good for people, whether the end result is a healthy life, a healthy family, a healthy and productive workplace, or a peaceful world.

Our Fearless Founder.

Christina Marshall

Without a correction in our understanding of “intrinsic,” our people problems and our world problems will perpetuate and solutions for people will continue to fail, not because the error is in the recipient of the solution but because the error in thinking about people is in the designer of the solution and, therefore, in the design of the solution.