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Get a Coaching Certification that Makes Your Results Stand Out

The Certified Intrinsic Solutions Coach is for people wanting to provide coaching services and/or gain a coaching perspective and coaching skills for better results and more satisfaction in life, relationships, and at work, including as a health service professional, educator, administrator, mentor, or leader. Learning is interactive, developmental, and focused on application.

What makes us different is our methodology is based in the science of value. Because of that, our coaches bring awareness of, skills for, and knowledge about value, especially intrinsic value, to their decisions and choices as people, professionals, and coaches.  Awareness of and skills for building up and working with intrinsic value and our value hierarchy, I>E>S, is what sets our coaching methodology apart and makes our coaches and community stand out.

The Certified Intrinsic Solutions Coach incorporates the highly regarded Certified Intrinsic Coach® certification and adds education on coaching with extrinsic and systemic topics, 1-1 time to fine tune your skills, and a one-to-one practical skills assessment and conversation with your coach mentor.

We are a BCC Approved training provider at all levels of training requirements, 30 – 125 hours.

This certification can be applied toward the NBHWC Approved Certified Intrinsic Health & Wellbeing Coach.

Get Something Special…Something Priceless…for You

“This makes me a better person. I’m a better co-worker, supervisor, mother, a better everything.”
“This is the best I have ever felt in my whole life.”
“There’s the kind of coaching I was exposed to before, and then there’s this, which is so much more. This is what I want for my clients.”

When you learn the Intrinsic Coaching® methodology, you also learn a hierarchy of value that you can use to help make just about anything in your life work better.

You can count on that, because knowing about value means being better able to discern the importance, worth, or usefulness of something to a human being, including yourself. And when you add in being able to rank different kinds of value in a hierarchy of value, you can make better choices because you are better able to see what has more overall worth for a human being including yourself.

This does more than help you make excellent choices as a professional and coach; it also helps you make excellent choices for yourself and for those you love. It’s the kind of personal growth that you can’t put a price on, because it’s priceless.

Everyone who signs up to get certified with us expects to learn how to coach. That you will also get something priceless for your life is the bonus.

~ Christina Marshall

2 – 7 month payment plan options

If you are…

Certified Intrinsic Coach® certified, you pay $665
Certified Intrinsic Coach® enrolled, you pay $540

We’ve Got You Covered

With over 20 years training coaches, especially health coaches, we tend to the details so you can get a quality coaching certification that also addresses some of your other practical requirements such as board certifications, continuing education, and flexible solutions for when the unexpected happens.

If you have questions that aren’t answered below, click Contact Us or call 480-515-5220 to leave a message.


This certification can be applied toward the NBHWC Approved Certified Intrinsic Health & Wellbeing Coach (CIHWC), which leads to eligibility to apply to sit for the National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) exam.

The CE admin fee for most covered credentials is $25 per course. CE can be purchased online after completing your enrollment. Should your governing board require 100% live attendance to earn CE hours and you miss a live class, an alternative live make-up class can be arranged.

The complete training program (Series I & II) earns a total of 50 CE-Hours for ACSM, BCC, CCMC, CDR, CHES, EAP, HRCI, MCHES (26 advanced), NBC-HWC, RN, and General. NASM earn 1.9.  CME can be made available for groups.

Download CISC Certification Steps for more details.

Use your telephone or computer to connect with weekly two-hour live classes. A headset is strongly recommended. Class size is optimized for interactive participation.

In person (via telephone or computer) attendance for 40 of the 50 live hours is required. When you miss a live hour (or 2-hr session), you can get credit by listening to the audio file of your missed hour(s) and submitting a brief learning survey.

No more than six live hours (or three live 2-hr sessions) can be missed in either half of the program. Groups are typically paired with another group that meets the same week, which would give you two options for live attendance, depending on your schedule that week.

Should an unexpected disruption to your schedule occur, ask us what options are available.

All times are listed as the current EASTERN time (whether EST or EDT). Arizona residents and others who do not observe daylight savings will experience a one hour change of class time at the beginning and end of daylight savings time.
In the event of a holiday, classes resume the following week, extending the time frame to complete your training. Classes do not meet January 1, Feb. 14 after 4 PM Eastern, Good Friday, Memorial Day (USA), June 19th, July 4th, Labor Day (USA), Election Day (USA), Thanksgiving Day (USA), Thanksgiving Friday (USA), December 24, 25, 26, and December 31 after 4 PM Eastern. Weekend sessions do not meet on three-day holiday weekends.
(1) There is no commercial support being received for this activity. (2) There is no use of off label products. (3) All faculty receive a financial stipend for their services.

We Walk You Through Each Step

When you sign up to earn your Intrinsic Solutions Coach certification with us, we walk you through each step. You’ll be able to track your progress through our online resource center. You’ll receive regular progress emails. You’ll have a dedicated person to answer your questions.

Download CISC Certification Steps for more details.

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Attend 2-Hour Weekly Live Classes from Anywhere Using Your Phone or Computer

Using your phone or computer, join in with your coach mentor and the other professionals in your group for your weekly, live, 2-hour classes. When you miss a live class, you can keep up by accessing a recording of the class you missed or by attending an alternate live class.

Certified Intrinsic Solutions Coach

Intrinsic Coach® Series I & II are weekly, live, interactive, group sessions you join in using your phone or computer.

Representing 2/3 of the CISC program, your starting point is to choose the Series I & II day and time that best fits your schedule.  Then, the remaining steps are completed at your own pace, asynchronously, or via a scheduled 1-1 appointment.  See CISC Certification Steps for details.

  • Most participants complete Series I & II straight through.  You can also decide, now or later, to start your Series II on a different day.
  • When multiple groups start on the same day or week, you can attend any or all of them.
  • A Series that crosses over a holiday can take an additional week to complete.

Identify the start date that best fits your schedule.  Then click “Enroll Now.”

  • Within one business day, look for an email asking you to identify the date you choose.
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Sometimes, It Takes A Dedicated Block of Time

Sometimes, the only practical way to get your coaching certification done, especially by a deadline, is to dedicate a block of time to making it happen.  When there is interest, you can do that with us and you won’t have to travel, your dog can sleep under your feet, and when you are done for the day, you are home.

Because research conclusively shows the limitations of “intensive” accelerated training when the desired end result is better decisions, for example, better coaching choices, you will also be given the opportunity to join a subsequent weekly cohort at no additional cost.  This way, you can get what you need and also what you might want, based on your schedule, timeline, and goals.

Online Conference Format Options

An online conference format will be offered in the summer, if there is interest.

  • To express your interest and timeline, contact us.

Sample Online Conference Format Schedules

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