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Expand Your Capabilities, Accelerate Your Results, Independently Use Quality Assessment Tools at Work

“I learned that people are more complex than you automatically know when you’re working with them. This decreased my judgment and increased my compassion.”

“I am more aware of the differences in personalities and styles and perspectives and the value of these differences and also more sensitive to the impact of life on a person because it shows in their measurements.”

“I have felt stuck at work for a long time and now I know that my behavioral style, my drivers, and my patterns of thinking don’t match what is valued in my work environment.  The assessments also clarified for me the value I bring to the workplace. Knowing that will be invaluable for me as I take my next steps.”

Assessments & Wellbeing is for human resource professionals, internal executive coaches, corporate trainers, and other employed professionals wanting to use assessments within their organization to support people in being successful at work and in life. Learning is interactive, developmental, and focused on application.

With an emphasis on understanding an array of assessment types and using them well, this program recognizes that wellbeing in organizations derives in a significant way from people’s understandings of themselves and others, and that supporting the understanding of what it means to be a human being in concert with other human beings positively impacts people’s decisions and experiences at work and in life.

This schedule-friendly, practical and hands-on, 20-hour certificate program provides CE.  Upon completing this class, you can opt to gain independent access to a broad array of assessments for developing people, creating team reports, identifying organizational stressors, and making good hiring decisions.

Contact us for a sample report of the 3-part assessment used in this program.

We are a BCC Approved training provider at all levels of training requirements, 30 – 125 hours.

Our NBHWC Approved certification is the Certified Intrinsic Health & Wellbeing Coach.  This program offers NBC-HWC CE, along with other CE. See Details.

includes three 3-part assessments

We’ve Got You Covered

With over 20 years training coaches, especially health coaches, we tend to the details so you can get a quality coaching certification that also addresses some of your other practical requirements such as board certifications, continuing education, and flexible solutions for when the unexpected happens.

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Intrinsic Solutions’ Certified Intrinsic Health & Wellbeing Coach is fully approved by NBHWC as a permanent phase program leading to eligibility to apply to sit for the National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) exam. Intrinsic Solutions is an approved training provider for the Board Certified Coach (BCC) at all levels of training requirements, 30-hours to 125-hours.
The CE admin fee for most covered credentials is $25 per course. CE can be purchased online after completing your enrollment. This Certificate program earns 20 CE-Hours for CHES/MCHES and General.

Download Course Objectives

Prior to the start of Assessments & Wellbeing, you will be invited to take the 3-part TrimetrixHD assessment and use your report as a backdrop to your learning. Then you will give the same assessment to two people you choose, prepare in class to debrief them, and then report on your debriefing. These three assessments are included in your tuition.
Use your computer or webinar-friendly device.  A headset is strongly recommended. Class size is optimized for interactive participation.
100% attendance is required either via live, webinar attendance or viewing the video recording of what you miss when you have to step away.
All times are listed as the current EASTERN time (whether EST or EDT). Arizona residents and others who do not observe daylight savings will experience a one hour change for class time at the beginning and end of daylight savings time.
In the event of a holiday, classes resume the following week, extending the time frame to complete your training. Classes do not meet January 1, Feb. 14 after 4 PM Eastern, Good Friday, Memorial Day (USA), June 19th, July 4th, Labor Day (USA), Election Day (USA), Thanksgiving Day (USA), Thanksgiving Friday (USA), December 24, 25, 26, and December 31 after 4 PM Eastern. Weekend sessions do not meet on three-day holiday weekends.
(1) There is no commercial support being received for this activity. (2) There is no use of off label products. (3) All Certified Intrinsic Coach® Mentors (CICM) receive a financial stipend for their services.

We Walk You Through Each Step

When you sign up to earn your Intrinsic Solutions Coach certification with us, we walk you through each step. You’ll be able to track your progress through our online resource center. You’ll receive regular progress emails. You’ll have a dedicated person to answer your questions.

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Interactive Webinar, 4-Sessions Over 3-Weeks, View Video When You Have to Step Away

From your computer or webinar friendly device, join in with your instructor and other professionals for 4-days over 3-weeks of lively, interactive, learning using a webinar format.  When you have to step away, you can keep up by accessing a recording of what you missed.

Assessments & Wellbeing at Work and in Life

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