To reduce suffering means to reduce the amount of ignorance, the basic affliction within us.    – Thich Nhat Hanh

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This honestly was a wonderful experience. I have multiple degrees and multiple certifications, and this is THE certification I needed to pull everything together and move forward successfully in my communications about health with others. Our Coach Mentor was a class act, with vast knowledge. I am a better human for going through this process. It was better than I expected given my past experiences with other certifications. Thank you for delivering what you promised.

DR. ERICA THOMAS, CHES, Assistant Professor of Wellness

Thank you very much to my Coach Mentor, my classmates, and the Intrinsic Solutions support team. This was such an amazing program that has helped me personally and will enrich all I come in contact with. I appreciate Christina Marshall for developing this program for the world.

AMBER ARRINGTON, CHES, Health & Lifestyle Coach