CIHWC adds to the CIC, doesn’t replace it

Q.I have the Certified Intrinsic Coach® certification. How does this differ from the Certified Intrinsic Health & Wellbeing Coach designation?

A.Thanks for asking! The Certified Intrinsic Coach® (CIC) is the NBHWC-approved certification for health and wellness professionals wanting to apply to sit for the National Board Certification exam under the NBHWC transition phase requirements, which increase after 10/30/2020.

After 10/30/2020, the 50-hr CIC will still be available, however we will no longer offer it as providing NBHWC-approved for eligibility to apply to sit for the National Exam. Instead, coaches wanting an NBHWC-approved certification will earn the 77-hr Certified Intrinsic Health & Wellbeing Coach (CIHWC), which also includes National Board Certification exam prep content.

As a CIC, you can apply some, most, or even all of your CIC toward getting the CIHWC, which adds Steps 3 – 6:

  1. Series I
  2. Series II
  3. About Health Coaching
  4. Ethics of Health Coaching
  5. Health & Wellness Education Topics
  6. 2-hours 1-1 with your coach mentor
  7. Coaching Mastery Journal
  8. 30-minute PSA

If you want to add the CIHWC to your CIC, contact us and we’ll get you set up to start.

– Christina Marshall

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